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April 17th, 2023 - June 17th, 2023

English Colloquial Practice

(Small Groups)


10 am, 11 am, 12pm EST

May 20th, 2023
8pm (Ukrainian Time)
Award Ceremony for Essay Winners

June 17, 2023 

Last day of Spring/Summer small groups


July 1, 2023

General meeting about summer holidays

(4th of July, Kupala, Ukrainian Independence, etc.) Anyone is welcome to do 4-7 minute presentation


July 8, 2023

English Grammar Gathering

(discussion about hard aspects of English grammar) Registration required


July 22, 2023

Practice pronunciation with our volunteers!

Working all together, practicing the most difficult English words and sounds


July 29, 2023

Learning the difference between American and Ukrainian metrics systems, measurements, and time expressions



Summer Break!


August 26, 2023 

Working group meeting to discuss topics and activities for a new academic year


September onward small groups resume.

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